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This is a remarkable story of three ordinary women in Assam.

Way back in 1990s, when World Vison India was serving the Amri Karbi community in Assam, we provided economic assistance to twelve deserving women. Ten years later, in 2000, a self-help group (SHG) was formed with these women.

Our staff encouraged the SHG women to pursue weaving business. When they agreed to do so, we assisted them with loom and yarn.

This was the beginning of cascade of progress in these women’s lives.

In 2014, World Vision India moved out of this community after serving for a period of 17 years.

But we had left behind empowered families and sustainable communities equipped to take care of their children.

We are delighted to see a few members from among the self-help group continue their weaving business successfully till date. They exhibit and sell their products in all events and social gatherings.

The group also does catering business and members still come together when there are big events to provide catering support.


The group also has been successful in tapping resources and are receiving yarn from government organisations.

Right from the start, World Vision India works with the end in sight. The community-based organisations (CBOs) are empowered through establishing strong linkages with government and other agencies to avail entitlements from integrated child development services (ICDS), banks and other microfinance institutions (MFI).

The families are financially resilient by the availability of financial resources through banks and MFI linkages. CBOs are capable of catering to the educational needs by readily giving educational loans from their own savings account and also making loans available from banks and MFI.

Years may roll by, but the good works that are begun will continue. And that’s precisely why, your sponsorship support has far-reaching impact, transcending time and boundaries.


Here’s Gumcha, the Amri Shawl, handcrafted by this group.


This was given as a token of honour to long-standing sponsors during our recent Partners’ Meet at Hyderabad.


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