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World Day against Child Labour!

Child Labour

On the 12th of June the world observes World Day against Child Labour!

Nearly one in 10 children are subjected to child labour worldwide, with some forced into hazardous work through trafficking. Almost half of them are in hazardous work that directly endangers their health and development.

Children are the greatest gift to humanity and they hold the potential to the future development of any society. Children grow up to be responsible and productive members of society when they grow in an environment that’s conducive to their intellectual, physical and social health. And that’s exactly what World Vision India’s Child Sponsorship program provides our children. And we are extremely thankful for your role in this transformational work.

There is a strong effect of child labour on school attendance rates and the length of a child’s workday is negatively associated with his or her capacity to attend school. Child labour, thus, prejudices children’s education and adversely affects their health and safety. Parents decide to send their child for engaging in a job as a desperate measure due to poor economic conditions.

But here’s one such story of a girl named Prathiba, who had to wage her war against child labor and now has a beautiful story of motivation to the other girls in her community.

Prathiba, hails from a humble village where life was defined by scarcity and limited resources. Prathiba’s family income was meagre, as her father worked in a Matchbox Company. However, her father understood the importance of education and made sure that it was never compromised.

From an early age, Prathiba dared to dream of becoming an engineer. But then, fate dealt her a devastating blow. On a single day, she lost her dear brother and her sister’s husband in a tragic accident. With this, the main source of income vanished, as her brother was supporting her education. In 2020, her grief and the burden of financial struggles forced Prathiba to drop out of her BE course. It felt like her dreams were shattered, and her future looked bleak and uncertain.

It was during this time Prathiba shared her aspirations with the compassionate staff of World Vision India, who were working in her village. After much study World Vision India gave her an opportunity to enroll in a two-year diploma course in laboratory studies. Though it deviated from her initial path, she embraced it wholeheartedly, determined to make the most of the opportunity.

During her journey, she witnessed the plight of other children who were trapped in the web of child labour due to the harsh impact of the pandemic. Their suffering ignited a fire within her to make a difference. She joined forces with government departments and actively participated in campaigns and initiatives against child labour. Together, she fought to rescue these young lives and made every effort to restore their right to education and a brighter future. Alongside the District Inspection Committee, she fearlessly raided establishments, such as shops, factories, and hotels, ensuring that no child was left to toil in exploitative conditions.

With the support of sponsors like you, Prathiba successfully completed her training and now she works as a lab technician in a hospital in Virudhunagar.

Prathiba and her family express their deepest gratitude to World Vision India and all the compassionate sponsors who extended a helping hand. Your support has transformed her life and allowed her to pursue her passion for making a difference.

Together, let’s say ‘no’ to child labour.

Yes, I PLEDGE against child labour!

4 thoughts on “World Day against Child Labour!

  1. Anil Sodhani

    It should be the solumn responsibility of every citizen to ensure each child live their childhood learning and playing instead of earning a livelihood for family and loosing their childhood years.
    It’s commendable for persons like Pratibha to follow a crusade against child labour and we certainly must support her efforts to full

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