Celebrating Life

Reviving lost dreams

19-year-old Aishwarya always had it rough. Her father
passed away in the year 2007.IMG-20200115-WA0057 Her mother had to toil to provide for the family. Unfortunately, she also succumbed to cancer in 2018.

Losing parents at an age where you are still dependent on them is hard. Aishwarya became depressed and went into a shell. After the loss of her parents, all she could see was a bleak future.

But support from sponsors like you gave hope to Aishwarya and her sister Athira. Both the siblings are being supported with their education. They live with their grandmother now.

Through our awareness programmes and the motivation of our staff living and working in the community, Aishwarya and Athira can now look forward to a better and happier future.

Aishwarya is firm about making a good career after she completes her B.Com degree. At present, she is in the second year. She is from a community we serve in Palakkad, Kerala.

A short note from Aishwarya:

“I don’t know how to express my gratitude to World Vision India, because

In the time of our sorrow, they were with us.

In the time of my loneliness, they motivated and strengthened me.

When I thought of discontinuing my education, they paid the full fees for my course.

They helped us to fly in the sky of hope with wings of confidence through their assistance and programmes.

Thanks to my dear sponsor very specially for adding colour to my life”

There is a story behind every child you sponsor. We want to thank sponsors who so graciously make a commitment to change the life of a vulnerable child.

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