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award2World Vision India’s Nellore Bal Swasthya Project is glad to receive the Certificate of Appreciation from Hon’ble Sri. Amarnatha Reddy (awarded as district and sub-district level programme) for outstanding and amazing services done throughout the year 2017 in caring for the careless and in bringing hope for the hopeless children and their families.

World Vision India launched the Nellore Bal Swasthya project in the year 2013. This was to address the issue of inadequate availability of prevention and care services, which resulted in increased number of deaths due to HIV and AIDS.

World Vision India works among 1600 people, including 800 children affected by HIV and AIDS.

Through income generation programmes and other activities for social inclusion, the social and economic status of the families has improved. Children are studying in their respective schools and colleges, free from social stigma, with support and encouragement by World Vision India.

Nellore District in Andhra Pradesh had HIV prevalence of 1.13%. Owing to various interventions for the prevention of HIV and AIDS, the prevalence rate has now come down to 0.46%. The number of deaths have also decreased considerably, due to awareness programmes on appropriate treatment.

Thanks to ongoing support from all our sponsors, for making this possible!

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