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A Doctor in the Making

BhagyasriBhagyasri lived in a thatched house on mountain slopes in a little village in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The mud steps that led to her house became slippery during the rainy season, making it difficult for people to commute. Going down each time to the market to buy groceries or other essentials seemed an impossible task.

During the rainy seasons, it became very difficult to even go and fetch water. Children skipped schools as the path became risky and dangerous. In addition, lack of drainage system added to the misery.

Bhagyasri’s father, Appala Raju, is a daily-wage labourer in a steel plant. He earns Rs. 1300 a month. Her mother, Satyavathi, stiches clothes. Bhagyasri’s brother, Prudvi, is studying in the 12th standard. Due to her parents’ meagre income, her education was supported by her grandfather.

After World Vision India stepped into her community, things have changed for the better. The community people were encouraged to form a committee for their own development. This resulted in several benefits like construction of cemented steps, access to proper water facility and good drainage system. As a result, children now go to school regularly, even during the rainy seasons.

The community people no more live in thatched houses, rather they are happy to live in properly constructed houses.

Bhagyasri was sponsored and supported by World Vision India to complete her education till the 12th standard. Her ambition is to become a doctor.

However, Bhagyasri was forced to discontinue her education as her father could not afford her higher education. Her mother too had to stop her work as a tailor as she suffers from heart ailment.

Fortunately, a coaching centre came forward to give her free coaching in EMCET. She worked hard and scored 2800th rank in EMCET and now she is doing 2nd year MBBS in Visakhapatnam.

17 thoughts on “A Doctor in the Making

  1. savithri

    I am glad that she is doing her MBBS. After completing her course I wish and hope that she will serve economically backward people.

  2. Ajay Nargas

    Great work world vision and same to Bhagyasri. Keep it up we wish you great success in your professional endeavours.

  3. Neeta Ghodke

    Hats off to Bhagyasri and world vision who took the lead in helping and fulfilling the dreams of an ambitious girl. All the best to Bhagyasri and surely she will help the needy on successful completion of her degree.God bless you.

  4. Sushant Sharma / Sushil Sharma

    Hats off to Bhagyasri & World Vision in helping & fulfilling the dreams of many children like her, We are proud to be associated with world vision.May God bless with success to every one. Best regards ; Sushant Sharma / Sushil Sharma

  5. Jiten V

    Thats really good to hear and thank you for your good work Worldvision.

    Please let me know how can we help so that Bhagyasri can continue her studies and become a doctor.

    Thank you.

  6. Arun Kannan

    All the best Bhagyasri , make your parents and our country proud. Excellent work World Vision.
    Thanks for supporting many bright kids like Bhagyasri .

  7. Dr Lola Ahmed

    Bhagyashri you are a motivation and inspiration to million in the world and World Vision your initiatives are commendable !

  8. Kumar

    Congrats bhagyasri. Please go on and achieve whatever you want in life and help to needy people in same way how you got now.

    Congrats to workdvision

  9. Saraswathi Menon

    My hearty congratulstions to Bhagyalakshmi and her efforts to do Medicine. May God Almighty Bless her in her endeavoures and make her a very bright Doctor. I am so proud of her. Also all my thanks and Best Wishes to World Vision for making such children’s dream come true. Hope, this will be continues and more people will come to Help such Projects.

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