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Laxmi’s right to life


2-year-old Laxmi could barely stand. Poor nutrition had delayed her developments. At six months, Laxmi was given cow’s milk and when she was a year old, her family started her on Chapati. This state of health not only pertains to Laxmi but also to many children like her who do not receive adequate nutrition because of their mother’s poor health or ignorance.

According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS 2015-16), 58.4% children between 6 and 59 months are anaemic. Malnutrition mars the health of a child. Its effects on children are numerous and can last a lifetime. Several mothers and caretakers are oblivious to its ill effects on children, which can lead to irreversible damage and in some cases, death.

“She was so weak. She used to be ill all the time. She had fever, pneumonia and cold,” recalls Laxmi’s grandmother, Bawri, who took the initiative to take her to the Out Patient Therapeutic Programme (OTP).

In January 2017, W2orld Vision India collaborated with the Jharkhand State Nutrition Mission and implemented the pilot project, Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) in Bokaro district. The project screened 16,097 children, 196 cases of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) were identified and 141 children were enrolled in the OTP.

Laxmi was one among the 196 children who suffered from Severe Acute Malnutrition. She weighed 6.4 kg when the treatment began. Her arm circumference measured 11.4 cm. After three months of RUTF (Ready to Use Therapeutic Food) packets, Laxmi’s weight had increased to 7.7 kg and her arm circumference measured 12.6 cm.


“Now Laxmi can stand alone with some support, she has grown so much stronger,” says Laxmi’s grandmother beaming with pride as she watches Laxmi standing with the support of the charpai. Laxmi has the right to live. By bringing her to the OTP, her grandmother and has saved her life.
Every child has the right to good health. Inadequate nutrition in their growing years can stunt their development or be fatal. Good health for every child is one of World Vision India priorities.

Of 141 children enrolled in the OTP in Bokaro, 46 have been cured completely. According to the August 2017 report, 51 children are still enrolled in the programme.

In the year 2017, 20,525 children under the age of five were screened through the project.

6 thoughts on “Laxmi’s right to life

  1. Emil Joseph

    Nice work by World Vision! Children are the greatest asset of the country and they have to be looked after.

  2. Swarnali

    In today’s world of hatred and war and suffering, stories like this come like a bliss, like the morning sun bringing Ray of hopes with it.. keep shining Laxmi.. all the love for you..


    I am interested in contributing for Lakshmi. I want a written confirmation from world vision that Sponsored Child or her family members should not be alluded to convert their religion.

    1. World Vision India Post author

      Thanks for coming forward to help Lakshmi. The child Lakshmi is already supported by us. Would you like to sponsor another child like Lakshmi who is desperately waiting for support? To choose a child to sponsor, click here: http://www.worldvision.in/givelife

      We would like to make it clear to you that World Vision India is not involved in conversions. World Vision India will never exploit the vulnerability of the poor for faith reasons. Furthermore, we serve the poor, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender or religion. We do not engage in offering inducements or pressures to change faith; for us this principle is a policy position.

  4. lily anne abraham

    Lakhmi’s history of timely help from World Vision restores our faith in humanity. Thank God for your great service to the helpless and voiceless.
    As we are sponsoring one child now, we will be able to help another child when our present child completes her education. God bless your NGO for this great service

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