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An Aspiring Doctor

Ten years ago, World Vision India took into their sponsorship, among many others, a young Lisha studying in the first standard.

Today, after ten years, she is the pride of her family and her school, having performed well in her 10th standard final examinations. She was also invited to the Chief Minister’FMs office in commemoration of her good marks.

Over her years in school, she has won several prizes for her enthusiastic participation and performance in fields like drama, poem writing and composition in Tamil, oration and now, for ranking third in her school in Class 10.

She credits hard work and consistent motivation as being the reasons for her success. “A lot has changed in these ten years but the love and care shown by World Vision have stayed the same”, she says. For a child whose father is a watchman at a rice mill, it has been her dream to take her parents to an award winning ceremony. She was felicitated by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu with a cash prize and certificate.

She is now in the 11th standard and an aspiring doctor, studying biology and other required subjects. Her parents beam with pride as they talk about their daughter who is a role model to her other siblings. The family has hopes for a brighter future.

Lisha says, “I would like to thank World Vision and my sponsor for always helping me and taking care of me”.

19 thoughts on “An Aspiring Doctor

  1. Bunny Charles H

    Congratulations Lisha to you and your family! May the Lord Jesus bless you abundantly and make you fruitful for this country. Stay on the right path and be disciplined. God will fulfill all your earnest desires.

  2. Simon M K

    Congratulations to Lisha for the achievement. World Vision, her sponsor & her family also deserves appreciation. May God bless you.

  3. Saraswathi Menon

    Hearty congratulatins Lisha for such a great success in your 10th class Exam and securing 3rd Rank in the school. WOW what a great achievment!!!! May God Almighty bless you with all your future plans to become a Doctor. Keep it up and study well. Wish you all the Best in your Life!!!!

  4. Prema abraham

    Warm congratulations lisha to you and your family!may the love of jesus surround you more and more as you aspire and grow to be a responsible citizen and achieve greater success in life.

  5. NARI

    Dear Lisha

    Congratulations on all the hard work you have put in and made everyone proud of you

    especially World Vision, your Sponsor, and your parents. God bless you and fulfill your

    dreams to become a doctor. Our blessings will always be with you.

  6. P.R.Vijaya Kumari

    Hearty Congratulations Lisha. Really not only your parents we are also proud of you for keeping your motivation keep going . Continue your hard work, and motivation which will drive to achieve your dream of becoming Doctor.
    i wish to see you as Doctor.
    May the Good Lord Jesus bless you with all wisdom, knowledge, understanding, love and joy.
    Dont forget to share help others who are in need.

  7. Nagaraja Shah

    You have achieved a few and lot more to achieve. Believe in yourself and the eternity will carve the way for you. Congratulations for what you have achieved so far and GOOD LUCK for all your future dreams. May all those dreams realize into actual.


    Congratulation Lisha for the commendable achievement, hope you can easily achieve your goal. May god almighty bless you to achieve your goal.

  9. S.Krishnan

    Bravo.Becoming a medical doctor can be a long grinding exhausting (physically & mentally) process. I should know because i qualified in MBBS in 1956! Our country is badly in need of doctors with dedication. Best wishes.

  10. Harsh Dhawan

    Many congratulations, and amazed to see your self confidence and realization of self worth at such a tender age. Keep on growing the same way, looking out for self and family.. a great future awaits you.

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