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Working together to achieve the Global Goals

What are SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

There are a total of 17 SDGs, all of which are aimed at creating a better, safe and more equal world for all, especially children.

SDG-and-WVIHow does World Vision India’s work contribute towards these global goals?

The global goals serve to remind us of the needs of the children and most vulnerable around the world. Our presence with the most vulnerable communities gives us an opportunity to be part of this collective journey to ensure that “no one is left behind”.  Children are amongst the most vulnerable and through our work, we have a huge opportunity to contribute to the SDGs that focus on the well-being of children.

Our interventions are intentionally aligned with the global goals, ensuring greater success in our united efforts to make this world a better place to live.



  • Improve learning outcomes
  • Improve quality of education
  • Provide remedial education
  • Strengthen school management committees
  • Provide infrastructure support for schools



Health, Nutrition and Childhood Illnesses 


  • Address causes of malnutrition in children <5 years
  • Conduct emergency feeding programmes
  • Strengthen access to ante-natal and post-natal health care
  • Provide counseling for mothers on better nutrition
  • Assist in setting up nutrition gardens
  • Facilitate Health Worker Training
  • Develop infrastructure of anganwadis (child care centres).


Child Protection and ParticipationSDG-1_Child_Proctection

  • Form and strengthen child protection units
  • Strengthen community-based child monitoring systems
  • Work with law enforcement agencies to prevent child trafficking
  • Raise awareness among communities on issues of children
  • Engage with public through the campaign ‘It takes every Indian to end child sexual abuse and exploitation’


  • Equip youth with employable skills
  • Enhance market access for farmers and entrepreneurs
  • Enable families to enhance income and provide better for their children
  • Provide economic assistance
  • Support small businesses through IMPACT, our micro-finance wing



Gender and Women Empowerment


  • Engage with men and boys to achieve gender equality and reduce gender-based violence
  • Work with families and communities to eliminate discriminatory practices
  • Construct toilets in schools to help girls continue their education
  • Provide cycles for girl children
  • Conduct health programmes for adolescent girls
  • Facilitate gender-friendly environment in schools/institutions
  • Encourage girl child education

SDG-1_WaterWater, Sanitation and Hygiene

  • Provide access to clean drinking water
  • Construct toilets in schools, homes and communities
  • Promote good hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Create healthy environments
  • Promote open-defecation-free communities




Disaster Preparedness and ResponseSDG-1_Disaster

  • Respond with emergency relief support
  • Help communities affected by natural disasters or conflicts
  • Assist in long-term rehabilitation
  • Make vulnerable communities more resilient through disaster risk reduction programmes




  • Address challenges of children with disabilities
  • Create forums for them
  • Form and strengthen disabled peoples’ organisations
  • Facilitate better infrastructure for children with disabilities
  • Help provide aids and appliances




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