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How Child Sponsorship Empowers A Community

Why does World Vision India’s Child Sponsorship programme focus on community development? Why direct my money to my sponsored child’s community? Why not use it only to meet my child’s needs? If you have similar questions in mind, this is for you!

Children are always at the heart of our work and our focus is especially aligned to the development and empowerment of children. When children are fed, educated, protected, valued and loved, a community thrives.

World Vision India follows a community-based approach to ensure child well-being. And there are strong reasons behind taking this approach.

Our experience over the last 60 years has taught us that the best way to impact a child’s life is to change the world in which the child lives.

Through our community-based approach, we try to foster development and not dependence. We are able to look into the root cause of poverty and address it, thus contributing to the holistic development of children.

The entire community is empowered and made to understand that children are the best indicator of a community’s social health.  Children can thrive in an environment where they are valued and positively influenced by the community. We build the resilience and capacity of communities to respond to present and future challenges to child well-being.

Strengthening communities and families creates a safety net that empowers children to experience fullness of life, for generations to come.

Thus, when you sponsor a child through World Vision India, you not only change the life of your sponsored child, but you help the whole community grow.





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