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Clean Water is Every Child’s Right

Of the 783 million people worldwide without improved drinking water, a staggering 97 million live in India.

unsafe water

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) has been an integral component of our programmes and has been a cross-cutting theme in reduction of infant mortality, good governance, creation of community livelihood and promotion of rights of children in equitable access to hygiene and sanitation services in schools.

Clean Water is a Solution

Over the last 50 years, World Vision India has developed an expertise in reaching out to thousands of children and their families with clean and safe drinking water.

Here’s a glimpse of some of our initiatives:

Bore Well with Hand Pump

water pump

4-year-old Avantika and the children of her village having access to clean water. The hand pump now brings joy and good health to the residents of the village giving them access to one of the most basic necessities of life – clean water.

Water Tank and Water Taps

water taps

“Now we get water whenever we need. My entire family drinks this water,” says 12-year-old Bishal. “We don’t have to go very far to get clean water. The tank stores the water so that we have water when we need,” says 10-year-old Lalrongbol.

Ring Wells

ring wells

“World Vision taught us how to advocate for our rights. We went to the local authorities and asked them to build ring wells for clean water supply which is our right” says Lalsangmoi, the secretary of the Londe children’s club, started by World Vision.

Fluoride Iron Removal Unit

flouride iron removal unit

11-year-old Shiksha and other children of her village now have access to safe and clean drinking water after the installation of a fluoride iron removal unit by World Vision. This was after World Vision tested the main water source in different communities and the water was detected with bacteria and more than the permissible limit of fluoride.

Water Purifier

water purifier

“Water from the water purifier is clean and we can drink it directly. We won’t fall sick,” says 11-year-old Rahul. World Vision provides domestic water purifiers, so families not only have access to water, but access to clean drinking water.

Check Dams

check dam

Construction of a check dam helps provide adequate water supply to the field along with proper sedimentation, eradicating erosion. This is instrumental in boosting the area’s agricultural productivity. In the picture, is the check dam constructed in Perambalur, Tamil Nadu.

Percolation Pond and Deepening of Ponds

percolation pond

In areas where water scarcity is a problem, World Vision India steps in and helps build a percolation pond. This improves irrigation and helps in water storage. This consequently increases agricultural productivity and farmers become prosperous.

3 thoughts on “Clean Water is Every Child’s Right

  1. Acharya ( Smt.) Suresh Dehadani, Majari Kalan, Alwar, India

    We should pledge not to waste water. Men are masters in wastage – so say all animals on this planet. That’s why man is called the biggest waste producing natural machine today! Man has earned this dubious distinction since the beginning of Industrial Revolution. All the gold, silver and bronze medals in Wastage and Mismanagement of Water Games will go to men only, no other animal can win any medal at all !!

  2. Anjan Ganguly

    We need mega desalination projects to use Sea water, at least for people living close to shore line.

  3. Water Filter Fanatic

    It is heart melting to see how these kids are making such effort to free themselves from water scarcity and how happy they are to have clean waters nearby. They are the future of our world and they must be given enough clean water resources to make it a better world for them

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