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Ability Fest ’17: Celebrating the Abilities of Children with Disability

People with disabilities, their concerns and their experiences are an integral part of World Vision India’s work. Through special projects and area development programmes, we work among people and children with disabilities, ensuring that their opinions are considered, their voices are heard and they are given just and fair opportunities in the society.

It is absolutely essential to create an optimistic environment for children with disabilities. Through positive communications and needed support, these children will realize that their disabilities can never limit their aspirations.

On Feb 19, 2017, we organised an event, ‘Ability Fest’, in Chennai to celebrate the abilities of children with disability.

During this event, the children from our various special projects enthralled everyone by their stunning performances.

Jyoti rocked the stage with the beautiful rendition of the song Kanamma composed by Film Composer, D Imman. Jyothi is visually challenged.

From mime to choreography, children exhibited their amazing talents.


Skit by Clara Olive Polio Home


Anitha from Krishnagiri Polio Home


Ishwarya from Santhome Home for the Deaf









Mime by children from Hope Amidst Despair project for convicts and victims


Dance by children from Kanyakumari Deaf Home











And the best of all was the silent national anthem by children from Santhome Home for the Deaf.


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