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Why is sponsorship a “very good investment”?

A visit helps you understand the difference you’re making through sponsorshipimg33

World Vision India child sponsor Girland and his family had a chance to visit their sponsored children. Girland, his wife and two children met their four sponsored children in Bangalore for the first time. Having received a warm welcome from the families, they got to hear from the children, their families and other community members about the work that World Vision India was doing. Then the sponsor took them out for lunch and had a heartfelt conversation with them.


img22In the words of Girland,

“We met the children that we sponsor and various other children too. We are all very extremely pleased to see how well the children are being brought up and looked after by both their families and World Vision India. And we think that it’s a very, very good investment in these young kids’ future. We look forward to continuing our involvement with the programmes and obviously growing the number of children we sponsor.

And we are very appreciative of all the work that World Vision is doing, the volunteers that they have and the very dedicated staff that they have that contribute to these children’s well-being.”

Listen to Girland:

14 thoughts on “Why is sponsorship a “very good investment”?

    1. World Vision India Post author

      Hi Reshma, we encourage every sponsor to visit their sponsored child, so they can see the impact of their support in the life of the child, his or her family and community. However, due to practical reasons, it may not be possible for all sponsors.

  1. Indranil Ganguly.

    Thanks for the motivation Mr. Girland…… Indeed its people like you and me who can bring about a difference in the lives of the children we sponsor.

    Thanks for your kindness.

    Best Regards. IG


    i am very happy that you have been doing very good service to the needy. Thank you and wish you and your team of dedicated people all the Best..May God Bless you in all your endeavours in the service of the needy ..

  3. Maxwell Michael Chennoor

    I would like to know the whereabouts of the 5 children’s that I had sponsored. I had already asked about that and till date I could not get any answer. Me as a sponsor has the right to know about the he impact that happened when I had sponsored. And it’s your responsibility to be transparent. If you had not received or not read that mail I am giving further one more chance to show the transparency. Thanks regards

    1. World Vision India Post author

      Hi Maxwell, thanks for writing to us. And thank you for giving the gift of life to the five children you sponsor. We have responded to you over email and over call. Hope we’ve addressed your concerns. For any clarification, please do get in touch with us at indiasponsors@wvi.org

    1. World Vision India Post author

      Hi Savio, thanks for sponsoring a child from Melghat ADP. We strongly encourage only the sponsor and his/her family to visit their sponsored child. However, in exceptional cases, this request may be considered. Your relationship officer will get in touch with you regarding your query/request.

  4. Michael Gallyot

    Thank you so much for including me in the mail, I was moved to know that Mr. Girland has sponsored four children God Bless him & his resources. I must inform you that I have not received any information on my sponsored child, I requested you to please refrain from sending me letters & cards through the Indian postal service. I would like to know more about my sponsored child can you help in some way? Thank you

  5. Aloke Kumar Bose & Suparna Bose

    I would some time like to meet the child I sponsor. There has been a gap in my regular payment schedule, however I would cover the gap.

    1. World Vision India Post author

      Hi Aloke, thanks for writing to us. You could definitely meet the child you sponsor. Your Relationship Officer will get in touch with you.

  6. Sujata

    I would like to meet my sponsored child over Skype. I’m not in a position to travel to meet the family.

    1. World Vision India Post author

      Hi Sujata, thanks for writing in. Our customer service officer will definitely get in touch with you.

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