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Their voices for the cause of children

The WV India-NDTV telethon saw the coming together of renowned celebrities, actors, academicians, journalists and Corporate CEOs to talk about the cause of hunger and its impact on children.  The two-hour programme aired on Sunday, 17th May from 7pm to 9 pm and highlighted the issue of hunger and how the COVID-19 pandemic has left millions of vulnerable children and communities struggle for a decent meal.

Abhijit Banerjee – Nobel Laureate, Economics          

“In this heat, children are on the road. All of us who belong to the Indian elite must hang our heads in shame. There are a bunch of NGOs that are trying their best to save children, what constrains them is a lack of funding model”

Madhur Bhandarkar – Film Director, Script Writer & Producer

“At this moment, we all need to come together to ensure that there is no abuse or violence against children.”

AR Rahman – Oscar & Grammy Winning Composer, Music Producer & Singer

“It is terrifying what is happening with the children right now and how people especially children are suffering without food.”

Dr Shikha Sharma – Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach       

“At this time of pandemic, the sanitary conditions for young girls who are menstruating is extremely important as they can get infected due to poor hygiene.  Children do not have a voice and are dependent on others. The hygiene kit has all essential items like sanitisers, masks, sanitary pads etc. The sanitary conditions for young girls who are menstruating is extremely important and they can get infected due to poor hygiene.”

Swara Bhaskar, Actress

“The silver lining in these rather dark times is when citizens have stepped up and done their bit and have tried very hard to make sure that they help those who are vulnerable.”

Sonu Sood – Actor, Model & Producer  

“The lockdown has been an eye-opener for everyone. I want to request the government to let the people go back to there home without any difficulties.”

Shekhar Mehta – Rotary International President (2021- 22)           

“We have provided 1 crore masks via all rotary clubs in the country. We all need to ensure that our children are safe, they get nutrition and their education is not hampered. These are very important things that fortunately Rotary is working towards.”

Sanjeev Kapoor – Chef, Enterpreneur & TV Host     

“Malnutrition is very high in our country. The focus should be on keeping food simple but very nutritious by adding fortified food to increase protein and nutrition content in the food. All of us have to become ambassadors of nutrition for children.”

Ritu Kumar – Fashion Designer     

“Children who have DNA of handicraft are forced to become porters or labourers. Their art needs to be kept alive.”

Kabir Khan – Filmmaker    

“We have been sitting here for the past 45 days and when you see the visuals of what is happening on the highways, it is really sad. The contrast between the rich and poor can be seen unfolded. It makes us very uncomfortable. We came across an initiative on your channel and we decided to donate because everyone who can must come forward and help.”

Shankar Mahadevan – Singer & Composer

“These are strange times and all of us in our own capacity should contribute and try to pass on the message to support the children who are the future of this country.”

Karuna Bhatia – Head of Sustainability, India and South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank       

“India is going through a challenging time and the migrant population has been deeply impacted because of the pandemic and it is important to support them. As a bank that has been serving for about 100 years is, it is our duty to make efforts to support those in need. Every drop counts and every effort is important to support the community we live in.”

“Each year, the malnutrition related diseases are going up and the pandemic will make it only worse. Our partnership with World Vision is to provide nutrition to about 25,000 people.”

Shobana Kamineni – Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited     

“Children are the most vulnerable right now. Apart from hunger and nutrition issues, they are also facing mental tension at a time like this.”

“The children are our wealth of tomorrow and the situation has been really disastrous for the children of India. Children need nutrition first, then education and health, these are the three most important things they need.”

“We have to work with the pharma companies who make the vitamins and see that it reaches children on time. To build immunity we all have to come together and reach out to those who need it, especially the children.”

Ilango Periannan – Co-Site Lead, Refinitiv Bengaluru

“We are engaged in a number of projects in rural, urban areas of Karnataka… with a big focus on providing nutrition to those in need.

COVID-19 lockdown has increased problems like malnutrition and poverty. We hold ourselves accountable and strive for sustainable leadership.”

Dr K Srinath Reddy – President, Public Health Foundation of India

“About 35% of our children under the age of 5 are in a stunted state. Children require much better nutrition to maintain their immunity status so that they can fight of an infection.

Nutrition is also required for their (children’s) intellectual growth and during this very important period of life, if children do not have adequate nutrition, their cognitive development and brain power will be affected”


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