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The man who wants to see his ‘child’ become a Collector


The children that World Vision India works with are special in their own way, each with their own talents and interests. But what makes them really soar and excel is the support and initiative shown by its valued donors. However, the experience of sponsoring a child is not just a value addition to the child’s life – it is also a significant learning experience for the donors.

Take the example of Mr SundarRamasamy, who has been sponsoring 12-year-old Kavinisha from Perambulur, Tamil Nadu for three years. What got his attention to the idea of sponsoring a child was “World Vision’s holistic approach.” He explains, “World Vision is present at different levels of engagement, from child education to maternal health and so many other areas. I especially like their programmes in the sphere of education.”

Emphasising that the experience of sponsoring Kavinisha’s education has been a deeply enriching experience for him, he adds, “I have met her just once, and I hope I can meet her at least once every year. She is a very bright child and she spoke about her hopes for the future, about her studies and her friends. She spoke joyfully about the last Diwali celebrations she had at her parents’ house.”

Kavinisha’s backstory is a dark one, but not an unheard of tale of poverty, despair and loneliness. The family does not fare well monetarily, since both her father and grandfather are hospitalised. She currently stays at her grandparents’ house but she wishes to be with her sister and parents. “Her home situation is not good at all. I hope that I could do something for her so that her family has a regular income,” Mr Ramasamy says wistfully. “She told me she wants to be a Collector when she grows up. I wish I can sponsor her till her dream comes true.”

He is all praises for World Vision India’s work in Kavinisha’s school and village. “I had the chance to meet the team that works in Perambulur district. From them, I heard about the many initiatives World Vision has taken up. The team has provided school bags for all the children in the village. Plus, they are coordinating with the people and helping them get access to government schemes, so that the people may build better toilers and get clean water. I am very impressed with the work they do,” he says.

Mr Ramasamy’s contact person for his sponsorship is Salomi from World Vision. “She corresponded with me and has been very cooperative from the first day itself. She was also kind enough to guide me to the office when I visited, and took me around to explain the team’s work in detail. Overall, I have had a great experience with World Vision India and I hope to continue the association for a long time,” he signs off.

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  1. Dr.K.Jaya Kumar

    heartfelt congradulations for Mr.R.Sunder ,a real Humanist, showing way for more people to join him in serving the society and service to humanity is service to GOD.May the Almighty Bless him and his Family.DrJK

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