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Stitching a New Story

A simple gift of a sewing machine can lift a family out of poverty. Nand Kishore is a living proof to this.nand-kishore

Nand worked as a tailor in a factory for meagre income. The money earned was hardly enough to make ends meet.

Nand is a hardworking and skilled tailor. World Vision India provided him with a gift of a sewing machine.

“The sewing machine gave me a new lease of life,” says Nand.

Nand started working on his own. His good work got him more and more orders. He started training others as well, thus passing on his skills.

World Vision India supported him with six more machines this year, considering his earnestness to train others, especially women and girls in the community. “Owing to increasing number of orders, I started buying more machines and hired people to work,” adds Nand.nand-_-in

Today, Nand is an entrepreneur. He has 14 machines and workers who help him with big orders.

Nand wants to train more women because he feels that through this they can earn some income for their family. Many women don’t go to factories and work, so they can easily do this work at home and can look after their family as well. Along with teaching tailoring, he also teaches them to repair the machines so that they don’t have to unnecessarily spend money to call a technician to repair the machine.

“My vision for the community and also for my village is that I don’t want people to remain unemployed. When a woman is employed, it benefits the whole family. My wife is an example of this and she has greatly supported me in this venture,” says Nand with a smile.

Now, Nand has more time to spend with his family. He is also able to save enough for his four daughters’ education and future.

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