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Reconnecting with Nancy

Pic4For World Vision India reconnecting with a formerly sponsored child is like meeting an old friend invoking fond memories of times spent together. But here, there is an added thrill of knowing that this friend now has a better life.

Meet Nancy, World Vision India’s formerly sponsored child. Nancy was living a wonderful life with loving parents and a sweet brother. Just when everything seemed to be perfect, life gave the family a rude shock. Her father was brutally murdered over property disputes.

Nancy, her mother and brother were left alone to fend for themselves. Her mother, although faced with the anguish of single-handedly raising up two children, never sought help from any of the relatives. Nancy’s mother also came to terms with the fact that no one is around when you really need them. After World Vision India found this family, both Nancy and her brother were provided with educational support.

When Nancy was in the 7th standard, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. “Even at this time World Vision India stood by us and helped my mother fight against cancer and now she is out of danger”, says Nancy.

Nancy later completed her 12th standard and went on to pursue journalism.

Pic5“After my father passed away we never celebrated any festival, no relatives were there for us and no one actually cared for our well-being. But World Vision India became a part of my family. I remember receiving gifts from my sponsor every Christmas and New Year. All this made me feel very special. I started addressing the World Vision India staff as uncle and aunty, they became my family”, says Nancy.

Nancy is now a freelancer with a daily newspaper. Her brother is in Japan working as a software engineer. She will soon be doing a post graduate course in Social Work.

“All these things would have never happened if it wasn’t for my sponsor. I’m grateful to the Almighty for all the good things that have happened to me through World Vision India”, ends Nancy.

One thought on “Reconnecting with Nancy

  1. Pranay Mohan

    To help in time of need to anybody is only way to worship Almighty and a feeling of internal peace and definitely with help of World Vision team many get a new life.A good social life can be built on pillars of love affection kindness & help to needy,I give my sincere good wishes to Nancy expecting when she is able as she learnt from her experiences must help and inspire the society, life begins with God when you help others.

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