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Little care and tons of courage


Little nine-year-old Bharti is an inspiration for anyone who wants to live a joyous life in the midst of struggles. A few years ago, Vikas and his wife, Meena, who live in Delhi, were completely unaware that their daughter, Bharti, had a hole in her heart. Vikas drives a tempo and was never really able to take Bharti, who is a child with intellectual disability, for regular medical check-ups. They were only facing life and its challenges as it came, one-by-one. It came to light when World Vision India conducted a medical camp for those who attend classes at a centre for children with disability in the community. When Bharti was checked, the doctor at the camp referred her for another check-up at a city hospital. This was when it was noticed that she had a hole in her heart. The doctors advised against a surgery and provided medication to treat the illness. World Vision India has been supporting her with the medicines and now she has gradually recovered up to 60 percent, according to the doctors’ report. Vikas says, “My daughter smiled and fought the illness. It is because of World Vision India that she is saved and alive today”.

Bharathi_1All this would not have been possible if Bharti did not obtain a disability certificate and a pension availed through a scheme by the government, which was also supported by World Vision India. This aid came as a huge relief to Vikas, who says that his income has been unstable and the family used to go without a proper square meal at times.

During the pandemic, Bharti received 5000 rupees pension for two months and World Vision India supported her with a cash transfer of 1000 rupees and also dry ration. Bharti is now enrolled in school and will join regular classes post the pandemic.

World Vision India work to address the challenges of children with disabilities at all levels of society by forming and strengthening disabled peoples’ organisations, providing wheelchairs and appliances to children and people with disabilities, supporting them to access aid through government schemes, facilitating better infrastructure and creating forums for them to advocate for their rights.

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