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Pallabi Naskar loves to play. pallabiLots of people thought she wouldn’t be able to play because of her deformed left limb.

“All my life people saw me as ‘that disabled girl’ or the girl with a ‘cut hand’. My self confidence was affected”, says 11-year-old Pallabi.



“My sister does not treat me differently, we play the ”rice game” together where we take a handful of rice in our hand and throw it up in the air and catch it from the backside of our palms”, she adds.

“I’m also a proud member of World Vision India’s children’s club. They give me loads of materials to play with like frisbee and skipping ropes. We all play together.”


Pallabi is one of our sponsored children.

“When I receive gifts from World Vision India I feel very happy. There is no light in the community, but with the help of solar lights, I’m able to walk from one place to another in the dark when I go for my tuitions. My family also received a hygiene kit along with a water purifier. Now I know how to keep my hands clean”, she adds.

“All this has given me self confidence. I’m happy that there are more people around me supporting the rights of disabled people”, she says.pallabi-education

Disability isn’t a disease; it is a condition that many, including children, have to deal with. Viewing children with disabilities through pitiful eyes perhaps takes us a step backward on the stairway to growth. Every child deserves a chance because every child is equally capable; they just need you to see them as they are, for who they are. All they require is a bit of assistance and inclusion to grow up to be free and empowered citizens.
On December 3, 2016, we observe the International Day of Persons with Disability, with the theme: Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want. Through our work across the country, World Vision India is committed to working together to achieve all the 17 global goals to create a more inclusive and equitable world for everyone, including children and persons with disabilities.

Our initiatives for people with disabilities
We work to address the challenges of children with disabilities at all levels of society by forming and strengthening disabled peoples’ organisations, providing wheelchairs, facilitating better infrastructure for children with disabilities and creating forums for them to advocate for their rights.

Our initiatives for children with disability are aimed at helping them rise above their disability and enjoy a happy childhood. Children with disabilities are also empowered to champion their cause and live a life free of discrimination and full of opportunities.

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