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How can you help a child in need during Christmas?

Celebration and music will soon fill the air. Joy and cheer will adorn the atmosphere. In the midst of the pandemic, celebrations are a way to steer away from the present day blues. It is a reminder to celebrate the moment that we are bestowed with. Of course, celebrations are to be done with necessary precautions.

However, let us stop to think about the thousands, if not lakhs of children for whom this season will not be any different. Either parents would have lost their jobs because of the pandemic or children would have dropped out of school to support their parents. They might not own the necessary gadgets to keep up with the virtual classes. Families are even giving their minor daughters into marriage for lack of finances. A child can possibly face numerous issues this season while we are having the best of our times.

happy 3To make sure children do not miss the best moments of their lives, consider extending your hand of support to them through World Vision India.

The month of December is the season of giving. Along with the celebrations, it is a time that moves us to share and provide for those in need. This Christmas, sponsor a child, and keep sadness at bay.

World Vision India does not just bring change; we make sure it is perpetual. Because a change that is not permanent is no change at all. Therefore, World Vision India works at creating a better community and a happy family for every child in the communities we serve. So that, progress permeates families and communities of the children.

Consider making a Christmas donation and help a child in need.

happy 1When you sponsor a child through World Vision India, you support an entire community. Child Sponsorship is a holistic approach where the child, family and community are benefitted. The change World Vision India creates is lasting, and it continues for generations. In short, poverty becomes history for the family and the community at large. Poverty cannot be expelled by simply addressing one issue of a child’s life. Different aspects of life, such as good health, quality education, a happy family and a safe environment are necessary for a child to become a better and responsible individual.

World Vision India serves over 26 lakhappy 4h children, in 143 districts spread across 23 states and 3 union territories. With the support from kind-hearted individuals like you, we are sure that every child will see a better tomorrow and become a better citizen of the nation.

With your support, children will be able to go to school, enjoy good health, and learn values and their rights as children. Awareness programmes will ensure they live in protected and secure environments. Economic assistance for their families will provide a steady income and restore harmony in their lives. These initiatives are only a fraction of what child sponsorship does in a community.

This season of kindness and love, help children discover life in all its fullness.

Make a Christmas donation.

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