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From a sponsored child to a soccer player

Suraj Kumar is looking forward to make a mark in the FIFA World Cup 2026.individual

He is one among the 15 children who are selected by the TATA trusts and U Sports for a premier collaborative football six-year training programme in Germany.

Hard work, discipline and a never give up spirit helped Suraj to scale such heights, but Suraj acknowledges the role of his sponsor in his success.

Suraj hails from Imphal. His father was unemployed while his mother worked as an attendant in a Nursing Institute. Life was difficult until someone came forward to sponsor Suraj.

Suraj was sponsored in the year 2013. He was then in class 4.

Since then, Suraj and his community has been enjoying the benefits of World Vision India’s child sponsorship programme.

From ensuring that every child has access to education to supplying hygiene kits, conducting awareness programmes, providing economic development assistance in the form of petty shops, poultry, goat rearing, handloom machines, tea stalls, etc., World Vision India is making sustainable impact in the lives of children in the communities in Imphal.

Soccer had a special place in Suraj’s heart since his early days. “I always dreamt of being a soccer player,” he recalls.

Today, Suraj has come a long way. His dream has come true.

Biswanath Sinha, associate director, Tata Trusts expressed optimism that the young players will be able to make a mark in the FIFA World Cup 2026.

teamSuraj is determined to make the best use of this opportunity and become a great soccer player. In his letter to his sponsor, he writes, “When I grow up, I want to be a great soccer player who brings good name for my country. I also want to help people who are in need. I also want to show my love and concern to children by sending them gifts like you’ve been doing graciously to me. Your love and care will always remain in my heart.”

Suraj’s sponsor is equally elated to see his young sponsored child bloom into a soccer player. “I know you are a very talented child. I’m looking forward to see you as a great player and would love to watch you play in international arena” his sponsor writes.

We wish Suraj Kumar the very best in all his endeavours.


98 thoughts on “From a sponsored child to a soccer player

  1. Jagdish Chander

    Happy for Suraj, Proud moment for me :). May god bless him, i want to see him achieving his dreams .

    i would glad to see more people like suraj achieving their dreams. their difficult situations in their respective families should not be limit.

    Overall great work team world vision, you provided a platform for the people like me to support dreamers like Suraj.

    Thank You !!!

  2. Siddharth Jairaj

    Dear Suraj – Wishing you all the best – Am sure you will play well and bring lots of success to you, your family and your country. Happy Playing !!

  3. G Narayana

    I am very happy to note that Suraj is a step near to his dream of becoming a world class soccer player. I wish him success n pray God to give him strength to achieve his dream.

  4. Mumuksha

    This is remarkable! Keep up the momentum, Suraj! Congratulations to the proud sponsor, to the parents and to the world vision team!

  5. Meena Newaskar

    Congratulations Suraj! We are so proud of you.You are a star in the making….May your dreams come true. God Bless!

  6. Pauline Ralph

    Well done Suraj. Knowing that sponsorship has made this wonderful opportunity possible makes so many people happy on your behalf so we all benefit from it. It would be wonderful if all children could experience the joy you must be feeling right now.


    congratulations!! wish you all the best. Never forget your roots, and stay humble 🙂 all the love and luck in the world to you!!

  8. vijaya

    Wow..It’s really a great news. I am proud of you Suraj … Congratulations and stay blessed always. Love you Aunty Chowdhary