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Formerly sponsored child is now a Design Engineer


“When I was pursuing my schooling, my father did not have income to even fulfill basic needs such as note books, bags or shoes. I was just dreaming of getting educated and earn an income, but I didn’t have the hope or confidence.

A sponsor came into my life at the right time. Through World Vision India, I received all educational support. This boosted my confidence to achieve success” says Bheemaraya.

Bheemaraya hails from a village in Kalaburgi district, Karnataka. Thanks to child sponsorship, his village was supported with drinking water facilities, children were given access to good education, roads were laid, agricultural support was provided to farmers and entrepreneurs were given financial support. Skill trainings were given to women and many women were able to start their own career.

“Today I am a Design Engineer in Ansaldo STS – A Hitachi Group Company. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and motivation from my sponsor and World Vision India,” says Bheemaraya.

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