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Donate to save tax under 80G

Filling taxes is an essential duty of every citizen of the country. It is a responsibility to fulfil. There are various provisions that allow taxpayers to make their choice of investments for tax exemption. Making investments to save taxes is a wise choice.

In a time where we look up various schemes and policies to invest in, why not donate to NGOs like World Vision India.

While you can invest with World Vision India and save tax through 80G tax exemption, you can also invest in the life of a vulnerable child and break the cycle of poverty. This type of an investment is multi-faceted. Child Sponsorship helps a child have access to quality education and better health, the family is assisted with tools/resources necessary to generate a proper income, the community evolves into a space that sustains the progress made by families and children.

The change that World Vision India brings is perpetual and lasts for generations to come.

DSC_400024-year-old Shishupal’s story is the perfect example of a positive and permanent change lasting for generations to come.

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything in life. I couldn’t even say my name in public. I didn’t want to attend school because I was very shy. But World Vision India’s activities helped me a lot. It has honed my public oratory skills,” says Shishupal, now the young principal of a school in his village.

Shishupal was World Vision India’s sponsored child for 10 years. He actively participated in awareness programmes and learning activities initiated by World Vision India and was part of a children’s club. He attributed his confidence building to Life Skills Education for Transformation (LSET) and Life School for Transformational Development (LSTD), where children are taught life lessons through songs, dances, skits and other activities.

His parents, Laxman and Sakhi Bai haveTransformational Education always wanted a different way of life for their children but they didn’t know how to provide it. His eldest sister dropped out after 5th standard and was married at the age of 15. They thought it was normal because everyone in the community was doing so. Sishupal’s parents understood about the evils of child marriage only after World Vision India came to their community in 1999.

DSC_4162Shishupal completed his Bachelor in Arts from Lalitpur and went on to complete Master in Business Administration from Bareilly and is currently pursuing ‘Basic Teacher’s Training’, a two year course from Lalitpur. For a young man, the responsibility of looking after a primary school with more than 300 students is a huge task. But he revels in the opportunity to teach and learn from his work.

Shishupal’s heart is for the poor and for the many children who can’t afford to attend school.

When you donate to NGOs, like World Vision India, you will help several children like Shishupal break from poverty and experience life in all its fullness. We do not want you invest for the sake of 80G tax exemption or to save tax. Invest in the life of a child to rewrite their future.

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