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Beyond their dreams

4The pandemic and lockdown have disrupted the course of our lives. For lakhs of people, the year was a massive blow to their finances and future. The most vulnerable families were the worst affected. The lack of an income put their lives in jeopardy. The consequence of this period is going to have a lasting effect on their lives.

The situation was no different for Abhishek, a sponsored child living in the communities we serve in Palakkad, Kerala. Abhishek studies in Std 7. He lives with his parents, younger sister and grandmother. His father, the only earning member of the family, is a daily wage labour.

He had no work during the lockdown and hence there was no income for the family. They barely managed to buy the essentials and could not afford to buy medicines for the grandmother’s treatment.

World Vision India went on the ground to help the most vulnerable families and children affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the relentless support from sponsors like you, we were able to reach 64 lakh children, men and women through our COVID-19 relief response.

One of the families was Abhishek’s. Because of your help, we were able to provide the family with dry ration and hygiene kits for Rs. 1000.

“In the initial days, we managed with the ration provided by the Government. But later on, we had no means for our food. World Vision India’s timely support helped us survive. We will never forget the timely support given by this great organisation. Thanks to World Vision India”, says Abhishek.

Like Abhishek, lakhs of children and their families were supported during the lockdown. Thank you for restoring hope in the lives of the most vulnerable.

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