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A Mobile World

World Vision India partners with corporate entities in unique and effective ways. In partnership with Ford – Better World Project, we launched a Mobile Library and a Mobile Clinic to provide children and adults with improved knowledge and health services.

Mobile Clinic

DSC_9541The Mobile Clinic aims to provide health services to people in need. Children and their families in remotely located villages cannot access quality health services owing to difficult geographical terrain and road connectivity. The Mobile Clinic runs in partnership with the Government Health Department and has been involved in vaccination campaigns and has so far helped vaccinate 3104 children from 16 villages in the age group of 10–15 years against rubella and measles. Overall 11,659 children and adults were benefitted through various camps and awareness programmes on nutrition, health and WASH (WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene).

Mobile Library

corp pic 2The Mobile Library provides children in government schools across Chennai with access to library and also provides awareness on various issues like child rights and WASH. The adolescent girls are also sensitised on reproductive health and nutrition. In total, 14,915 children and adults were benefitted through the use of mobile library and the various awareness campaigns.

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