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A Fresh Start: Livelihood Restoration Story

During the countrywide lockdown that extended for more than three months, Guddiya, 36, lost her only source of livelihood.

A Fresh Start: Livelihood Restoration Story

As a widow and a mother of two school-going children, she is the only breadwinner for the family. Guddiya’s husband used to run a roadside tea stall in Delhi before he passed away in 2012. Now that little makeshift tea stall under the banyan tree is Guddiya’s workplace. Before the lockdown, she worked 12 hours a day serving tea and snacks. When the countrywide lockdown began, she had to shut down business and like for many small businessmen, it had a long-term impact.

She is a beneficiary of World Vision (WV) India’s relief response for COVID-19 in the form of dry rations. “During the lockdown we got assistance from World Vision and government. But we also used up all of our little savings. I couldn’t work for three months,” says Guddiya.

A Fresh Start: Livelihood Restoration Story

Guddiya’s two sons, Minashu, 17, and Subham, 12, are in school. The latter is WV India’s sponsored child. Guddiya who didn’t attend school knows the importance of education and as a single parent wants to give them the best education.

“When I wanted to open my tea stall again, I had no savings left. This was when I got assistance from WV India. I’m so grateful that I can resume my business,” says Guddiya. Guddiya was one of the beneficiaries of WV India’s Economic Development Assistance (EDA) Programme to boost livelihood. This gives a little push for the struggling families to stand back on their feet. She received goods worth Rs. 8000 through this programme and that has given her a fresh start.

“I needed sugar, tea packets, snacks and other essentials and WV India gave me that. I used to earn around Rs. 300 a day before the lockdown. Now things are slowly going back to normal,” says Guddiya.

A Fresh Start: Livelihood Restoration Story

Her business restoration success bodes well for the future of her two children who are dependent on her.

“I want to be an engineer,” said Subham, sitting by his mother as she makes tea for customers. Through the EDA programme, WV India has given assistance to 31 beneficiaries in North West Delhi Area Development Programme (ADP). These are families who have lost their livelihood and are struggling to get back on their feet. The EDA programme will help start small business like tea stall, petty shops and cart for vegetable vendors.

Now, Guddiya earns around Rs. 200 a day, which is a big step forward. This is a fresh start for Guddiya and her sons.

A Fresh Start: Livelihood Restoration Story

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  1. Anil Mange

    @World Vision India, Appreciate what you are doing!!! It gives me feeling that we still have good positive helpful caring people people around us. Who understands that basic necessity for livelihood is must for everyone and helping the people who are struggling for that is like service to humanity. Keep doing the good work, still a long way to go.

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